Let’s Begin!:

Wear the carrier like a sash by placing the tacked edge on the shoulder and the large curved seam in line with your navel. Make sure the fold is at the bottom and the fabric opens to form a pouch.
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Then,, place pet in carrier with the petís bottom inside the carrier along the curved seam.

Finally, adjust sling fabric across your back for comfort and support.

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  • Be sure to support your pet with your arm if you lean forward or bend down.
  • The sling acts like a layer of clothing for your pet. Make sure pet doesnít become too hot while in sling.
  • Always be aware of pet!
  • Do not use carrier if there are holes or tears in the fabric.
  • Wearer assumes all responsibility for petís safety in sling.


  • Please enjoy wearing your pets up to 35 lbs!
  • More than one pet can be worn in the same carrier, with the weight not to exceed 35lbs