Company Reviews:

“The vendor was able to effectively answer my millions of questions before the sale and never pushed the sale, she even had recommendations for other products/types of baby carriers! After I had purchased the sling, communication continued to be informative and pleasant. I highly recommend Jill from Sling-Bling.”

“Jill from Sling Bling has great customer service. I was leaving for a trip and needed one right away. She was able to get me a sling right away. I can't recommend her enough!”

Product Reviews:

“I LOVE this sling! There is no pressure on my neck/shoulder like many other products. Its sturdy construction is fantastic and the attention to detail marvelous. On the pocket there is the most adorable ribbon of which I get many compliments. My son fussed with every other baby carrying product I tried, but this he actually brings to me and gets SO excited when I put it on to carry him. He can actually fall asleep (he normally doesn't when out and about) in this sling. The instructions were concise and easy to follow. The pictures provided great value to ensure I wear the product correctly. I love the pocket (especially when wearing a dress), I throw money and my ID in for quick trips.”

“I love my sling from Sling Bling! My daughter and I are always on the run. I constantly am throwing my things around and embarrassed to admit that I abused my sling. sling has been washed numerous times and it's still in great shape. The material never shrank. The sewing on it is exceptional. Seriously...the seams are perfectly lined and everything. You know it was made by a professional seamstress and not by a novice. Which makes me feel better knowing that the seams won't come apart on me and my baby. I also love the pocket and clip. It comes in handy for those quick trips to the store. If you want a well made, quality sling, order from Sling Bling.”